Con Brio Music Therapy, Ottawa, is specialized in Neurologic Music Therapy. Music and its characteristics are used to work towards functional, non-musical goals with individuals who have experienced a brain injury or are living with a neurodegenerative disorder. Goal areas include cognition, motor skills, speech and language, and psychosocial needs. Following assessment, individualized goals and objectives are established.

Why Music Therapy?

Music therapy is a rewarding and effective rehabilitation intervention for individuals with brain injury. The unique characteristics of music enable it to address both functional goals and emotional needs. Music serves as a powerful neural stimulus. Research has proven that the brain physically responds to musical stimuli and that music stimulates multiple sites within the brain, thus giving music a significant role in the rehabilitation of an individual who has experienced a brain injury. In addition, due to its emotional qualities, music can be used to address the expressive and emotional aspects of a person. This can be especially meaningful for an individual who has speech difficulties or loss.